The Story: Tempted

Jesus went into the wilderness, to prove He was worthy of being the full atonement for the sin of all mankind. Thank you Jesus.

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The Story: Tempted – Matthew 4:1-11

Virtue is not virtue if it be untested and unexamined.” – Origen

Immediately following his baptism, the Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness. The wilderness calls to mind Israel’s desert / wilderness experience in the aftermath of the Exodus. We mentioned this earlier in our study: Matthew understands Jesus as the fulfillment of Israel’s story. There are several parallels between Jesus and Israel here:

  • In the previous chapter, Jesus passes through the waters of baptism just as Israel crossed the Red Sea.
  • His 40 days of fasting parallels the 40 day fast Moses experienced on Mt. Sinai (Ex. 34:28).
  • The 40 days Jesus spends in the wild also matches the 40 years Israel spent wandering in the wilderness.
  • The wilderness is the place of Israel’s great failures. But where Israel fails repeatedly, Jesus succeeds.

In the wilderness, Jesus…

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