Food and Your Health

Savor the Food and Your Health

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The Recipes page on our web-site has a link to Salads as a Main Course. The salad recipes are made with leafy greens, fruits and other vegetables. But don’t get discouraged just yet; what makes the salad a main course is the addition of meat. In most cases, it is chicken. The leafy greens are a good source of fiber and full of nutrition and chicken is a good source of healthy protein as is any meat.

According to website, chicken is rated as a very good source of protein, providing 67.6% of the daily value for protein in 4 ounces. Protein can be important in reducing bone loss in older people. One scientific study on the subject showed that men and women from ages 70 to 90 years old who had the highest protein intake lost significantly less bone over a four-year period than those who consumed less protein. Animal protein, as well as overall protein intake, was shown to be associated with preserving bone mass in our bodies. Chicken is also an excellent source of the cancer-protective B vitamin, niacin and is also a very good source of the trace mineral, selenium. Selenium helps with the function of the thyroid hormone metabolism, antioxidant defense systems, and immune function.

As for the leafy greens, they may help prevent cancer and heart disease, specially the dark greens. Leafy greens are nutrient rich and full of vitamins. They are a healthy food choice as they contain no cholesterol and are low in sodium. They are also rich in iron, calcium and phytonutrients.

Leafy greens are also good for vitamin K a fat soluble vitamin stored in the liver. Vitamin K is important for blood clotting and wound healing. According to the FDA adults need 0.001 mg of vitamin K per 2.5 pounds of body weight per day. Vitamin K deficiency is rare and usually occurs when the body is unable to absorb vitamins from the gastrointestinal tract. If you are low on vitamin K the sign will be easy bruising or bleeding easily.

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Prepare fresh chicken or any meat of your choice according to the recipes at our link, add vegetables, fruits, spinach and other leafy greens and presto you have a “Salad as a Main Course.”

Follow this link Recipes page and once there click on Salads as a Main Course. Most recipes will prepare in under 40 minutes.


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