Breastplate of righteousness: protect the heart from fiery darts

Is your armor on? Put in on before leaving home. Don’t leave home without i

On the Road to Damascus

Ephesians 6 calls all believers to put on the Armor of God in order to be protected from the fiery darts of the enemy. In this series, we are examining the pieces of the armor and how we can use each of them as protection in our daily lives.

Modeled after the military dress of Roman soldiers, and worn over the torso, the physical breastplate protects the physical heart. The spiritual breastplate protects the spiritual heart. Should the sword of the spirit fail to thwart the enemy, or the shield of faith fail to deflect the attack, the breastplate is the final layer of defense.


In the days of Roman occupation, the breastplate was typically made of iron or bronze, or a combination of the two. These materials were used because of their durability and resistance to rust.

Rusted armor is weak armor.

As I began walking down this path toward ministry, I knew…

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